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From ransomware to botnets and everything in between, introducing complete XDR protection for endpoint, IoT, & cloud.

Your end users’ machines and server infrastructure are top targets for modern day cyber-attacks. Active and consistent monitoring of your endpoint protection solution is a must to identify threats early. With IT and Security teams under serious resource constraints, Digicel Business with SentinelOne provides an affordable and high integrity managed Advanced Endpoint (AEP).

More Than Just Anti-Virus

ActiveEDR is delivered via SentinelOne’s single agent, single codebase, single console architecture. Going beyond traditional antivirus and EDR solutions, ActiveEDR, powered by SentinelOne’s proprietary TrueContext technology, allows the Digicel Business Protect security team to quickly understand the story and root cause behind threat actors and autonomously respond, without any reliance on cloud resources. This technology empowers the Digicel Business Protect security team to focus on the alerts that matter and leverage technology to assist in what before was limited to human mandated tasks.

Defeating Every Attack.

Every Second. Every Day.


Static AI on the endpoint prevents attacks in-line in real-time. Consistently ranked for highest efficacy and lowest false-positives, SentinelOne’s static AI model replaces legacy antivirus.


Patented Behavioural AI recognizes malicious actions regardless of vector. SentinelOne is the only endpoint security vendor to detect fileless, zero-day, and nation-grade attacks in real time.


SentinelOne’s patented Behavioural AI fuels ActiveEDR, surgically reversing and removing any malicious activity. Now, every device heals itself in real-time. Never reimage a system again.

Threat Hunting

The industry’s fastest query times and longest data retention. Advanced actions such as full native remote shell, memory dumps, and pre-indexed forensic context. Hunt more, pivot less.

$1M Ransomware Guarantee per Infected Endpoint

Digicel Business Protect ensures that both the policy settings and incident response procedure is executed and maintained to ensure that if a ransomware event does occur, you are protected by SentinelOne’s ransomware guarantee insurance policy.

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